Halloween Comics

In the spirit of approaching the end of October.


Burned and Dark





Polar Bear Pelt Product Review

Having sold our house, we have moved into an apartment.  In the course of settling in, we came across these wonderful polar bear pelts to serve as throws upon our new recliner sofa.  They are soft, warm and go along with our color scheme.  And I can confirm that petroleum age polar bear pelts made of 100% polyester are superior to natural ones in all respects.



Best of Bizarro

Social Science?

Wonder Drugs?

Not Enough Texting?

A Test? Or Aversion Therapy?

Don’t you trust in science?

Climate Adaptation?

Brexit Anyone?

What?  Have you no respect for diversity?

Not only Polar Bears are flourishing.

Are you listening IPCC?

Don’t take the Green New Deal without Helium!

Your Spell checker Knows Best.

Gender Confusion Abounds

Who’s afraid of witches?

Wait! How about probiotics?

The Reinvention of Chess

Doesn’t Anyone Like My Green New Deal?




Sunday Comics Dec. 2.

A roundup of cartoons that caught my eye this week.  H/T PatriotPost and commonsenseevaluation.

French Fries

Global Warming Virtue

The Global Warming Experience


The UN Crusade

US Thanksgiving

From Way Out There